About Placement Automation System

This is a Job Portal created for use of Placements and Internship at IIT Kanpur. It is deployed by Students' Placement Office. The portal aims to reduce the manual office work by providing necessary automation alternatives. It provides information exchange between Students, Companies, Staff and Placement Office. SPO has various powers to mediate between various stake holders in the system. This web app is a part of multiple web apps aimed at processing data and allow access based on clearance level at SPO. The other apps include a Contact Management App and a Mail Access App. These are developed and maintained by students.

Maintained By

Ketan Chaturvedi
Harshit Raj
Kunwar Preet Singh


Development of the Placement Automation System was undertaken by following people. They designed the system, deciding on frameworks, models UI and whole bunch of stuff. The motivation of the team was to provide a better system to the student community.

Jital Patel

Anish Lamba

Hemant Kumar

Adarsh Srivastava